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‘Jack the Ripper rock opera’ is a new project of Mark Bogert in which he translates the ‘conspiracy theory’ into music.  He invited some of the best singers and musicians from the Netherlands to cooperate on this project. Welcome to this new website of JtR1888.


August 31, 1888, had a rainy night, it was cold and the people of London were already lighting their coal fires. The city smelled like brimstone, soot and open sewers. It was misty and along the Jewish graveyard of Whitechapel a dark pile was laying against the gate. It appeared to be a woman, a prostitute, dead. Her throat was slit en her stomach was cut open showing her intestines. Jack the Ripper killed for the first time.

Prince Victor enjoyed coming to East End because he fancied the catholic girl Annie Crook. Annie was a shopkeeper and married secretly to Prince Victor. This would be a disgrace for the Protestant English dynasty and when she got pregnant by Prince Victor, she was put into a mental institute swiftly. However, Queen Victoria (the grandmother of Prince Victor) found out about the scandal. This secret would have to disappear completely, but who all knew about this? 


On September 8, 1888, Jack the Ripper created his second victim. However, this murder was even more brutal than the first one. The cut in her throat was so deep that it almost decapitated her, and this time the intestines were torn out of her stomach.


After her childbirth Annie Crook was taken care of by prostitute Mary Jane Kelly.Besides prostitution Mary Jane Kelly took every other possible job to make some money. The scandal of Prince Victor spread like a wildfire in the world of prostitution. Queen Victoria had to solve this matter in any way whatsoever.


Victoria had connections within the freemasonry of London. This job could not be executed by herself and she invited a member to handle this matter quickly and clean. All women that knew about the scandal, would have to die. Not did she know that this man would call himself “Jack the Ripper” and would execute the murders so brutally.


In the meanwhile Whitechapel (a familiar but very poor neighbourhood in London) was very tumultuous. Inspector Abberline was recruited again by Scotland Yard to solve this mystery, but there was no proof. Scotland Yard was plagued with letters of Jack the Ripper and could not do a thing.


Three other murders occurred of which the last one was the most brutal. Mary Jane Kelly, her breasts amputated, the flesh cut of of her face and the room splashed with blood. Still no single piece of evidence of the murders.


Does Queen Victoria know how to stop Jack the Ripper? Will Scotland Yard succeed in capturing Jack the Ripper, or will he get away with it? JtR 1888 rock opera will make you experience “The Conspiracy Theory” in a complete new, modern and fascinating way, as has never been done before.




Saturday, 30th of March 2024, BIBELOT, Dordrecht

Magoria will release their second album called 'Hollingsworth Mansion' early 2024. Be prepared for another horrifying story and an awesome live show. Soon more news about their new story, cast and much more...

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Thursday, 2nd of November 2023, De Lawei, Drachten

16th of April 2023 - De Cacaofabriek, Helmond Photo: Ellis Mulder

De Boerderij.JPG

7th of October 2022 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer Photo: Ellis Mulder


4th of June 2022 - P3, Purmerend Photo: Arjen Hoftijzer


9th of November 2019 - Release Show Bibelot, Dordrecht Photo: Arjen Hoftijzer

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Alle video's
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Aftermovie 4 juni P3 Purmerend 2022
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Magoria - Let Her Be Safe
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Magoria - JtR1888 'Acoustic Compilation'
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Magoria   Beautiful World
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    Meet the Cast    

Peter Strykes.jpg
Peter Strykes

Inspector Abberline

Nadine Pruim.jpg
Nadine Pruim

Annie Crook

Maria Catharina.jpg
Maria Catharina

Mary Jane Kelly

Rodney Blaze.jpg
Rodney Blaze

Jack the Ripper

Mirjam van Doorn.jpg
Mirjam van Doorn

Queen Victoria

Sonny Pruim.jpg
Sonny Pruim


Zora Cock.jpg
Zora Cock

Story Teller

Jan Willem Ketelaers.jpg
Jan Willem Ketelaers

Prince Albert Victor

Inge Rijnja.jpg
Inge Rijnja

Catherine Eddowes

    Meet the Band    

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Koen Stam.jpg
Koen Stam


Mark Bogert.jpg
Mark Bogert


Cleem Determeijer.jpg
Cleem Determeijer


Harmen Kieboom.jpg
Harmen Kieboom


Bart Hennephof (live).jpg
Bart Hennephof


Peter Vink.jpg
Peter Vink


Matthijs Kieboom
             Orch. Arr.

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